Navigating Langsdorff

twelve thirteen fiteen
nineteen two twelve
twenty three twenty six twelve

Three embossed and dedossed digital prints with pencil, 2012, 53 x 86 cm edition of 6 +1 AP

Navigating Langsdorff, the three digital prints (twelve thirteen fteen, nineteen two twelve, twenty three twenty six twelve) deploys a cartographic practice with various representations of the world compressed into an abstract form: The prints combine photographs taken from the rainforest in Penang, a visualisation of a very short sonorous event using a Fourier transform, and scientific taxonomy from the census of flora of the National Park. Yet, the image set a fictional interpretation of a map of Langsdorff, a constructed fictitious land inspired by the Langsdorff Expedition (1826-1829) in the rain forest in Brazil. Framed with a cartographic aesthetic, the prints further bring into mind a subtle sense of an odyssey led by different unfamiliar signs towards a far away fictitious land that is now brought close to the reality.