Archival Records

sound installation and lecture performance
Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong // 12.02.10 to 31.05.10

Developed during Artist in Residency program of Asia Art Archive, Archival Records intends to articulate the Archive’s physical and material space through the medium of sound, and establish a new connection between the Archive’s ‘voices’. It focuses on the realm bridging textual readings (of printed material) and their vocal counterparts, through multilingual audio recordings of excerpts from the collection, supplemented by ambient sounds at the Archive. This sound installation not only aims at exploring the idea of the Archive, but also rediscovering the mechanics of sensory experiences and aural cognition through a composed technological mediation of experience.
Archival Records focuses on the reading of selected texts found in the Archive, which deal with sound or its particular vocabulary, either directly or indirectly. The collection of recordings will be continued during the exhibition with texts from:

Sala Anri / Qiu Anxiong / Miriam Backstrom / David Danar / Xu Bing / Pierre Boulez / Pauk Chan / Yaakov Chefetz / Biljana Ciric / Sara Diamond / Heri Dono / Brian Eno / Cho-Eun-ji / Hu Fang / Yukio Fujimoto / Yuko Hasegawa / Chris Healy / Hans Georg Gadamer / Ryoji Ikeda / Kim Jyeong Yeon / Yang Jiechang / Cindy Keefer / Szeto Lap / Christian Marclay / Gitay Marton / Leah Mauas / Jackie Ruth Meyer / Alexandra Munroe / Bruce Nauman / Antonio Negri / Max Neuhaus / Hans Hullrich Obrist / Yoko Ono / Peter Pakesh / Philippe Pareno / Csaba Pleh / Anat Pick / Diego Rotman / Ryuichi Sakamoto / Jerome Sans / Shachar Sarig / Nick Sawyer / Hyunjin Shin / Shiro Takatani / Erika Tan / Anna Tilroe / Caroline Turner / Shi Qing / Dr Paula Sengupta / Stephen Vitiello / Jun-Jieh Wang / Fujui Wang / Daijuin Yao / Midori Yoshimoto / Kim Young-eun / Lawrence Weiner / Cui Xiuwen / Chen Zhen / Yang Zhenzong
[record from 31.01.2010]